TIAG: The US Connection

Our Managing Partner, John O’Connell attended TIAG ‘s 22nd International Accounting conference from 5 – 7 May in Miami, Florida.

TIAG is a a Worldwide Alliance of Independent International Accounting Firms. It has more than 115 member firms based in over 65 countries, and HSOC Dun Laoghaire is delighted to be a member firm.

TIAG Miami Conference (International Accounting)

The conference featured a wide variety of sessions on firm and practice development. Group breakout sessions also gave alliance’s member firms a chance to network and learn from eachother.

The conference covered many interesting topics including:

  • You are Where You are Going,  Not Where You Have Been
  • The Importance of Email  Security
  • Tax Planning Strategies for High Net Worth Individuals
  • What Truly Makes for Great Firms, Great Partners and Great Leaders?
  • Anatomy of a Financial Institution Failure
  • Doing Business in the Cloud:  Managing the Risks and Opportunities of Modern Business in the Cloud

HSOC at the TIAG Miami Conference May 2014

Pictured are Andrew Silverstein (New York), Aaron Lavelle (Brisbane, Australia), John O’Connell (HSOC, Dublin)  & Jeff Hyidhal (LA),