On 24th April 2014, Revenue announced by e-brief that the Extended ROS Deadline will be Thursday 13th November 2014 for online Income Tax returns.

This dealdine is available to individuals who both file and pay their balancing 2013 tax liablity together with their 2014 prelimiary  income tax liabilities electronically, through ROS see revenue at www.revenue.ie

Revenue Confirmation

Revenue have confirmed that the extension to the ROS pay and file deadline will aslo apply to CAT returns which are due to be filed by 31st October 2014 (that is Returns covering gifts/inheriances taken in the period from1 January to 31 August 2014).  Once again to avail of the Extended ROS Deadline both the Return with payment must be made through ROS

If you wish to discuss any of the above with us please do not hesitate to contact our tax department on 01-2804731 or via email at info@hsoc.ie