Budget 2016 introduced a reduced rate of CGT of 20% which will apply in respect of a chargeable gain/s on a disposal/s of chargeable business assets made by an individual on or after 1 January 2016 up to a lifetime limit of €1million.
In respect of the disposal of qualifying shares, the individual must:

1.  own at least 5% of the ordinary share capital of the Company

2.  have been a full time working director for at least 3 years immediately prior to the disposal of the shares

3.  the Company must be involved in a qualifying business which is a business other than

  • the holding of securities or other assets as investments
  • the holding of development land or
  • the development or letting of land

In addition, an individual may qualify for relief on the disposal of chargeable business assets which have been used for the purpose of a qualifying business carried on by the individual for a minimum period of 3 years immediately prior to their disposal. Again, chargeable business assets do not include:

  • shares referred to at (3) above.
  • Development land or an interest in a business consisting of the development or letting of land or
  • Assets on the disposal of which no gains accruing would be chargeable gains

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