Update September 2014:  Since publication, important changes have been made to the E-filing process by the Companies Registration Office (CRO). These changes are in effect since 10th March 2014. See our latest update on these changes.

The 2013 E-filing deadline is approaching

The E-filing deadline for the majority of December year ended companies is fast approaching. While not all December year ends have the same Annual Return Date (ARD) of the end of September, the majority do. It is good practice to confirm the ARD on theCompanies Registration Office (CRO) website to ensure that you have the correct filing dates.
If your company has an ARD of 30/09/2013, you have until the 29th of October to file your annual return. Alternatively, you may E-file the return to get an additional 28 days. E-filing on the 29th of October will give you until the 25th November 2013 to get your Annual Return filed.

Need some assistance with your Annual Returns?

The alternative to checking this yourself, is to contact your accountant. If you do not have an accountant, we at HSOC Financial & Business Advisors would be happy to assist you in any way that we can with your Annual Return.
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